14 Pets Who Love Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is nearly here and these pets are feeling the love in the air!  Freshly groomed, dressed in their best, let these pets get you in the Valentine’s Day mood!

1) This handsome stud knows that wearing pink gets all the girls!


2) There’s nothing like the look on your Valentine’s face when you get them the perfect gift.


3) How punny of you, Mr. O’Malley.


4)  This pup has prepped the bed for snuggle time with his Valentine!

Somebody Loves you! What are you getting your furry Valentine this year? BestBullySticks.com/valentine

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5) They were only expecting a Valentine’s CARD, not this wonderful cat!

? ? ? #valentinecat #catinabox #somanycatboxes

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6) Sylvano is trying really, really hard to impress his date.  Good luck, bud!


7) *Stares out the window waiting for true love* We feel you, feline friend.


8) This pup is showing true discipline and love, as she waits for her date before eating all the heart candies.


9) This beautiful photo should be on Hallmark card!


10) Look at all the work he’s put into these decorations!  True love!


11) Archie’s offering a Valentine’s Day Special Discount for his kissing booth!  Hurry before it’s gone!


12) Audi is not quite as business-savvy and is offering free kisses all year around!


13) Aw cute, another kissing booth.  Oh wait.


14)  Looks like this pup has been to all of the neighborhood’s kissing booths, spreading the love!


What are your pet’s plans for Valentine’s day?? Let us know in the comments below!