4 Up-Cycled Projects For You And Your Pet

Turn your trash into pet treasures for Earth Day this Saturday!  Find out how to make some easy crafts that are sure to interest your four-legged friends!

For Cats:

  • Feathered Cat Toy: Cats love their string-type toys, these are made out of felt and come with a fun jingle!
  • Repurposed T-Shirt Cat Cave: The super simple tutorial will show you how to use an old, unworn t-shirt to make a comfy secret home for your cat to enjoy

For Dogs:

  • Ball and Tug Toy: Learn how to make a fun toy for both throwing and tugging out and give new life to an old ball and t-shirt.
  • PVC Treat Dispenser: Got some old extra PVC pipe lying around? Here’s how you can upgrade it to a fun treat dispenser for your pet!

Have you ever done a DIY project for your pet?  Let us know in the comments below!