5 Interactive Toys For Home Alone Pets

As we saw in yesterday’s article, bored pets can mean destructive pets. Here are 5 great interactive toys to keep them occupied when you aren’t home.

1) Hexbug Mouse Robotic Cat Toy:  This clever toy has two settings to make sure your cat(s) stay entertained all day!


2)  FroliCat POUNCE Rotating Cat Toy: If we’re having fun just watching, our cats will be having the time of their lives-even when they’re home alone!


3) Starmark Treat Dispensing Ball: With the ability to adjust the size of the opening, this ball can be used to serve up some kibble or your pup’s favorite treat while you’re gone!


4) Outward Hound Jigsaw Glider: Interactive puzzles for pups are not only mentally stimulating, but will distract them from the stress of you being gone.


5)  DIY Doggy Puzzle: If your budget is feeling a bit tight this month, you can try this made-at-home version of a puzzle for your pet (just be sure to use something your pet won’t eat and you’re okay with having some drool on).


Giving your pet an interactive game to play while your gone will not only provide fun and rewards for while you’re gone, they provide mental challenges and promote problem solving skills.  They’ll be so busy learning that they’ll forget to chew on the furniture!

Have you tried any interactive toys with your pets?  Let us know how they worked out in the comments below!