7 Lucky Irish Pet Breeds

These pet breeds who are celebrating their Irish heritage this St. Patrick’s Day! Check out these cat and dog breeds that came from the great Land of Saints and Scholars!

1) Irish Terriers: These pooches stand tall and proud of their Irish roots and are full of confidence and personality!

2) Irish Setter:  These beautiful dogs have wonderful deep red coats that will compliment the green tones displayed on St. Patrick’s Day.

3) Irish Red & White Setter: Similar to the Irish Setter, these pups have regained popularity in Ireland recently.

4) Manx Cat: These adorable short-haired cats are known for their short or complete lack of tails.  Since this breed was developed in Ireland, many variants have arisen.  Variants include the Cymric (long-haired), Isle of Man (expressing the same Manx features but have tails), and the Tasman Manx (curly-coated).

5)  Irish Wolfhound: Commonly referred to as a “Gentle Giant,” this breed originally served the purpose of hunting large game like wolves, boars, and even bears.  Today, they are phenomenal family dogs due to their calm nature.

6) Kerry Blue Terrier: These dogs not only have magnificent coats, but are also full of energy!

7)  Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier: These adorable fluffballs are known for their easy-to-train demeanor and sweet personalities!

Those are our lucky seven pet breeds that have come out of Ireland!  Did we miss one of your favorites?  Let us know in the comments below!