8 Spring-Filled Activities For Your Pet

Spring is finally here and many of our pets have been mopey throughout the winter weather.  Here are some activities to get them back in the swing of spring!

1) Walks in New Areas: If you’re in the Cleveland area, we have some of the best Metroparks and hiking opportunities around!  Take your dog or leash-trained cats on a new adventure whether it’s an urban jungle or a walk through the woods.  If your cat isn’t a fan of the leash and harness, you can try one of these backpacks or a stroller to see if they prefer said method of transportation through the great outdoors.  When outdoors at all, be sure your pets are up to date on all recommended vaccines for your area.

2) A Fresh Style: We might have trouble keeping up with all of the human fashion trends, but our pets appreciate a new do in the spring time!  Whether it’s grabbing a new, bright colored collar or a full spa day, your pet is sure to appreciate it.

3) Take a Class: Try something new with your pet. It can be leash manners, basic obedience, agility training, or a sport like Frisbee dog [also known as Disc dog].  During the spring, plenty of local trainers start adding extra classes to their rosters.  Whether you’ve got a cat, a dog, a horse, or other exotic pet, mental stimulation is key to a long and happy life and it is never to late to learn something new!

4) Plan a Picnic: Even if you have a pet that remains strictly indoors, they’re sure to appreciate a picnic! Open up the windows, lay down a blanket, and break out all your pet friendly foods to share.

5) Make a Flower Crown or Collar: Pick yourself some wildflowers this spring and turn them into a flower crown or collar for your pet!  Bonus points if you make a matching one for yourself! Prefer an artificial flower crown? Check out this tutorial!

6) Trip to the Dog Park: If your dog is up to date on all vaccines and great with other dogs, it’s finally time to head to the dog park! Get your pooch’s extra energy out!

7) Take a Beach Day: Whether it’s your cat in a space-inspired backpack [see #1] or your water loving dog, a trip to the beach can be a fun and relaxing time for both you and your pet.  Be sure to check the pet policy of the beach prior to making the drive out though!

8) Take lots of Photos: Lighting during the spring is often times wonderful for photography.  Be sure to take loads of photos of your pet this season.  Whether you scrapbook, Instagram, or collage all these photos, you definitely won’t regret you took them!

We hope your pets love these activities as much as ours do!  Be sure to take cues from your pet to see if they are tired, scared, hungry, thirsty, or uncomfortable when giving any of these new activities a shot.