About Sandstone Animal Hospital

We build positive relationships on a healthy foundation of strong medicine and rock solid caring.

Sandstone Animal Hospital

Sandstone Animal Hospital


Positive Relationships

Our primary goal is to support the bond that people share with their pets. At the first puppy or kitten visit, we discuss how positive interactions reinforce well-behaved pets. We enjoy connecting with our clients as much as we delight in their furry companions. By encouraging teamwork and communication, we build positive relationships with our coworkers, our local veterinary colleagues and specialists, our pharmaceutical representatives, and our neighbors in the surrounding community.

Healthy Foundation

We construct an optimal health plan for each of our patients based on their individual age, breed, and lifestyle. In order to increase the lifespan of pets, we focus on prevention and early recognition of disease and behavior issues. Our comprehensive recommendations typically include good nutrition, tailored vaccine protocols, monthly parasite control, weight management, prophylactic dental care, and screening tests to detect emergent problems before symptoms appear.

Strong Medicine

Not only do we want our patients to live longer, we want them to live better. We are fascinated by the science of healing, and proactively research the most timely, safe, and effective care available. Our participation in several professional organizations, such as the Veterinary Information Network, keeps us engaged with the most recent advancements in medicine, surgery, and technology. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with the next generation and to promoting the One Health Initiative.

Rock Solid Caring

Even though we practice strong medicine, we do so with soft hearts. As pet-parents, we are inspired by the love and importance of our four-legged children. The improvement of animal welfare is our daily motivation. The valuable insight we gain from taking the time to understand our clients’ concerns leads to healthier pets and happier customers. We listen with compassion, teach with patience, heal with determination, and comfort with sincerity.


Pet owners from Berea, Olmsted Falls, Middleburg Heights, Brook Park, and Columbia Station trust us with their pets.  Our vets are very thorough, compassionate, and caring.