Cats Who Love The Vet

Going to the vet can be a scary thing for our feline companions.  New smells, weird noises, and strange people can all be stressful for a healthy or unwell cat.  Despite this, these cats have found a love for their veterinarians! Check out their photos!

1) Garfield thinks that food can make any procedure bearable!


2) This adorable kitty may not like what the scale says, but knows it is quick and painless!


3) This cat might as well take a nap during his blood draw!


4) Mr. Sproetie is a sweet cat who is battling pancreatitis! He’s working hard with his veterinarian to beat his condition!

Dear Furriends this is our dear furriend @mr.sproetie who really needs our support. Pls pray for him #prayforsproetie and/or share his story and/or help his HuMom with the incredible vet bills (link in his bio). Thank you you all you're the best IG community a furriend can have ?? Sammy & Maxi Repost ・・・ Update: as you can see my ears and the bold spot in my neck are very bruised because of drawing blood every day. I'm really don't like it anymore but mom told me today the vet needs to do this in order to get better soon. I will try to listen to mom. My potassium level dropped again today, so that was a bummer.. still not eating very well, they had to forcefeed me a couple of times today. On Monday my extensive bloodtest and ultrasound will take place and hopefully by Tuesday all the results will come in. They are still leaning towards pancreatitis, which I'm being treated for now (we will know for sure on Tuesday) because I did do a very good thing today all by myself! I regulated my glucose! It was in a good and steady level, so I didn't get any insulin shots today ????! One small victory for me! I still need your positive thoughts and prayers though.. that's it for now. If you are willing and able to help me out with the vet bills, my donation link is in my bio/profile. All donations will be used to cover my vet bills. If you aren't able to, no worries, please feel free to share my story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ #catsofinstagram #catsofholland #prayforsproetie #mrsproetie #diabeticcat #cathospital #dutchcats #dreamordonate #hopeful #positivepaws #justlookatme

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5) This fine feline loved her vet so much, she became one!

Does your cat love the vet?  Share your experiences with us in the comments below!