Does Your Dog Have an Ear Infection?

Canine ear infections can happen for various reasons and symptoms aren’t always recognized by dog owners. Most often, these infections are caused by bacteria and yeast, but can also result from ear mites, hair, and wax buildup. The following SlideShare talks more about types of canine ear infections, causes, and treatments.




Take-Away Points:

  • Most commonly, infections are caused by bacteria and yeast.
  • Symptoms include: ear scratching, swelling, hair loss around ear, redness, hearing loss, etc.
  • Golden Retrievers, Labradors and Poodles are a few of the breeds prone to ear infections.
  • Checking your dog’s ears regularly can help prevent an infection.
  • A vet should be utilized to determine the cause of the infections and to prevent future ones.
  • To ensure the infection is completely gone, have a vet examine your dog’s ear canal.

As a dog owner, being knowledgeable about ear infections and treatment procedures is important for the health of your pet. By practicing prevention techniques and having the ability to recognize symptoms quickly, you are creating a better and healthier environment for your pup.

Has your pet ever had an ear infection? Let us know in the comments below!