Dog Ear Infections: What Should You Do?

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Determining whether or not your dog has an ear infection is only the beginning of the process. Dr. Rhonda Smith says if you dog is experiencing some of the following common symptoms: red ear, wax, itching, shaking head, an ear infection could be the cause, but what caused the ear infection in the first place?

Dr. Smith explains that the causes of ear infections in canines are often caused by yeast and bacteria. He also added that they could be suffering from underlying allergies or polyps and that mites are a possible, but less likely cause.

The biggest question, after determining if your dog has an ear infection, is: What can I do to get rid of it? Dr. Smith explains below that there are many options that you can take to help relieve your pup from the infection, as well as prevent it from happening again in the future.

Question for Dr. Smith: What are some treatment options for dogs with ear infections and which of these treatments are available at your practice? Is there a certain product that you sell that helps prevent or cure ear infections in dogs?

Dr. Smith’s Response: “We carry many ointments with active ingredients used to kill yeast and bacteria. They all usually have a type of cortisone in them to help combat the itching and inflammation as well. We choose the ointment based on how strong of an anti-inflammatory is needed, which is dependent on how red and swollen the ear is. At my clinic, we culture the ear to find out exactly what bacteria is present, which helps us to determine exactly which antibiotic should be used to kill it. Some common examples of these ointments are Otomax, Mometamax, Posatex, Surolan. We also use some medicines that are lanolin based, which allows us to heat them and put them in the dog’s ear ourselves, saving the owner from completing treatments at home.

As far as prevention goes, I would suggest that dog owners treat any underlying allergies with Atopica, in combination with using an ear wash like Triz Ultra Keto flush weekly. It is also important for owners to make sure ears are cleaned after baths or swimming.”

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