Dogs Who Hate The Canine Flu

There’s no cruddier feeling than the flu, no matter what species you are!  These pups want you to be aware of the Canine Flu and see how they’re trying to recover from this severe virus.


1) Lots of bed rest is key to recovery from the flu.


2) These pups are doing their best to prevent the spread of the canine flu virus!


3) Somebody get this pup some more tissues, please.

I think Kobalt has a cold.. #husky #naughtyboy #dogflu #cold #sick #tissue

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4) Keeping warm can seem impossible when you’ve got the flu, even if you’ve got a fever!

Canine Influenza or 'dog flu' is working its way up the East Coast. New blog post on what you need to know! #linkinbio

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5) We hope that this pup’s teddy bear isn’t sick too!


We’ll be spending the whole week covering Canine Influenza, so leave your questions for us in the comments below!