Dogs Who Love Their Dads

Father’s Day is this Sunday and we’re celebrating with these adorable dog-and-dad-duos!


1) This handsome pup is ready for a nature walk this Father’s Day!


2) There’s nothing like just hanging out with Dad.


3) Pepper has a beautiful story of how she met her dad!

"I​ adopted ​Pepper ​from Umeed Rehabilitation Center ​when she was a 2 month old pup ​​​and is living with me ever since. She's house trained by m​e​ and has an amazing temperament with humans as well as dogs. I couldn't ask for a better companion, I get so many compliments for her​ where ever I go ​and really proud of her. She loves to drive with me in the car and accompanies me in almost all of my travels by road.​ She hates to be left alone at home so she's always with me. As I work from home so it's pretty convenient for both of us. From the time she has come I have stopped going to the places where they don't allow pets. I hardly go out for movies or anywhere with friends anymore but I don't miss any of it. Most of my weekends are now spent at dog parks and cafes​. She's amazing with obedience training and breaks all the myths people have about indies." #dogdad #ilovemydog #fathersday #dogstory

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4) Cuddles with Dad are just too cute.


5) Every pup loves an adventure with their dad!


6) And of course, every dog dad’s ANTHEM!


Do you have any photos of your pup showing appreciation for their dog dad? Let us know in the comments below!