If Pets Could Text…

We’d all love to know what’s on our pets’ minds.  These hilarious memes have appeared, showing us what it would be like if our pets could text us!


1) Well.  At least now you know.

Source: BarkPost


2) I mean, 10 minutes is over an hour in dog time!

Source: BoredPanda


3) Dogs are funny creatures, but they typically have a different sense of humor than us.

Source: BoredPanda


4) Could it be? The greatest state of enlightenment?

Source: VetStreet


5) Never trust Snowy.

Source: BarkPost


6) And for those of you wondering why none of these texts are from cats…

Source: FunnySigns.net


Which of these did you find the funniest?  Let us know in the comments below!