July’s Monthly Special: Star Spangled Smiles

Does your pet have bad breath? Smile, this month you’ll save $30 on a professional dental cleaning!

fourthdogsIf your pet forgets to brush sometimes, plaque accumulates and tartar forms on the teeth. Bacteria can travel in the bloodstream of your pet, causing not only a painful mouth, but other problems such as heart, kidney, and liver disease. It is vital to the health of your pet that a routine dental care program be implemented. It’s never too early or late to begin routine dental care at home. Teach your puppy or kitten that getting their teeth brushed is a fun game with yummy, pet-approved toothpaste. If your pet already has tartar build up, then the first step to call our office and schedule a dental examination. If a cleaning is necessary, anesthesia is required for proper charting and evaluation of periodontal disease. X-rays help us evaluate the tooth roots under the gumline. Rotting or damaged teeth may need to be extracted. We use the same ultrasonic scaler and polisher that human dentists use. After the cleaning, the teeth will be free of hard tartar build up, and you can begin routine care at home. During the month of February, all dental preventative products such as toothpaste, chews, and water additive will be BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF! Ask for samples if you are not sure which product may be right for your pet. Plus, SAVE $30 ON ALL TEETH CLEANINGS in the month of July!


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