November’s Monthly Special: Silver Whiskers

Keeping Senior Pets Comfortable in their Golden Years

Since our beloved pets unfortunately age faster than we do (on average, about seven years to every human year depending on the weight and size of the animal), it is important that we notice the subtle changes that could impact their health. Dogs over the age of 7 and cats over the age of 10 are considered seniors. Elderly pets are especially prone to developing certain diseases, such as thyroid hormone imbalances, diabetes, and kidney failure. Common symptoms include weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea, increased drinking and urinating, trouble walking, changes in hair coat, or accidents in the house. Just like humans, your pet may develop arthritis and can be quite uncomfortable. Pets do not always cry or whine when they are in pain. In fact, many of our furry friends show their pain by not eating, “slowing down,” having trouble getting up, or being reluctant to climb stairs or jump into the car. Never give over-the-counter medications to your pet unless directed by a veterinarian. Certain human pain killers can be fatal to your pet!

We recommend that senior pets be examined twice a year to ensure that we are not missing small changes that could make a big impact on quality of life. This month we are offering $10 OFF SENIOR WELLNESS EXAMS, $20 OFF ARTHRITIS SCREENING X-RAYS, AND $5 OFF ALL JOINT SUPPLEMENTS. Visit or contact SandStone Animal Hospital in Berea today. We see pets from all over Cleveland, Parma, Brookpark and Middleburg Hts



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