October’s Monthly Special: Wellness Bloodwork

This Halloween, We Vant to Draw your Pet’s Blood!

vamp dogWhile your pet may appear to be doing well on the surface, there can be subtle changes occurring with his or her internal organs that are only detectable with bloodwork. Pets age at an accelerated rate compared to humans, and early detection of minor changes gives us the opportunity to intervene sooner, thus providing them with a longer, fuller life. Bloodwork allows the doctor to evaluate the red and white blood cells for signs of infection or inflammation, assess the liver and kidneys for signs of disease, check the blood sugar levels for diabetes, and monitor the thyroid hormone. For the entire month of October, we are thrilled to offer you $10.31 OFF WELLNESS SCREENING BLOODWORK! Please call to schedule an appointment today, and confirm your pet’s good health or identify the signs of disease early.