Pet Shaming Galore!

Now that we’re more aware of the lives our pets lead while we’re not home, we’re watching more closely! Check out these pets who got caught red-handed and their owners have shared some of the funniest pet-shaming photos for your (and our) entertainment.

First up, the dogs:

“I eat the eyes out of all my stuffed animals because I don’t like when they stare at me-Bruno”


“Are they concreting out the front today?”


“I ate my sister’s Benefit Cosmetics and now my poop is pretty. (P.S. My mom rocks)”


“Our person-mom is a teacher but this is what we think of books.”


Now for the cats (although, is it really “shaming” if they’re not ashamed?):

“I stepped on the keyboard and moved the ENTIRE desktop into the Trash….”


“I slapped my mom when she told me we were checking into a hotel for 2 days.”


“I peed on my mommy while she was sleeping with the flu. I have no shame. -Kitty”


“I hit a guide dog puppy”


Can’t get enough? ┬áThere’s more where these came from! ┬áCheck out this dog shaming website and this cat shaming blog for laugh-out-loud fun and be sure to share your pet shaming photos with us!