Pets With Lovable Markings

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and hearts are almost everywhere, even on these adorable pets!

This pup is sure to get a kiss on her heart every day.

While this cat’s heart can be seen right on her chest!

If your pet doesn’t have holiday-themed markings, that’s okay!  This season’s hot new trend are temporary tattoos for our wonderful four-legged companions!  There are two, highly temporary, and harmless options!

Shaving a design into the fur!

No pain or needles needed!  Simply normal grooming tools can allow your pet to achieve this look! And the hair will grow back eventually.

And if you prefer your pet’s fluff long and majestic, try these temporary spray on tattoos!

Your groomer will use a pet safe stencil and colored hairspray combination to make these adorable, and temporary, designs!  Typically takes under 15 minutes for a groomer to do and is as painless as a scratch behind the ear!

Do your pets have any Valentine’s day markings?  Or are you ready to try the new pet tattoo craze?  Let us know in the comments below!