Prevent Your Pet from Falling into Autumn Dangers

Autumn is finally here!  As much as we love the cool weather and beautiful leaves, there are some dangers that arise with the new season.


1) Fleas and Ticks can hide in leaf piles that your pet likes to play in.
That’s right, those pesky parasites will hide in the beautiful autumn leaves and take advantage of your pet’s love of leaf piles.  Be sure that your pet has both flea and tick (as well as heartworm and intestinal parasite) prevention and to clean up your leaf piles!

2) Poisonous plants/fungi that bloom in the fall can be fatal.
Common plants like Chrysanthemum and Meadow Saffron can be highly toxic to our pets.  Many types of mushrooms (including Death Cap mushrooms) will grow in the fall.  Discerning a poisonous mushroom from a non-toxic one can be very difficult. While it can be difficult identifying plants or mushrooms and determining their toxicity, if you have any doubts and your pet has already eaten it, it’s best to bring your pet and a sample of the plant or mushroom to your veterinarian immediately.

3) Rodenticides can kill our pets too.
Many rodents seek refuge in our homes as the weather begins to cool.  While typical mouse traps can definitely hurt our pets, rodent poisons can cause death in our pets.  There are many different types of rat/mouse poisons, so be sure to bring the packaging and take your pet to a veterinarian immediately.

If you know your pet has ingested a poison (rodenticide, mushroom, plant, or otherwise), it is best to call your veterinarian on the way so they can have treatments prepped and ready for your pet’s life.  A minute’s difference may save your pet’s life.

4) Some pets have seasonal allergies like we do.
Autumn weather means a whole new set of allergens-for humans and pets alike.  Ragweed and molds are common allergens for our pets-but be aware that animals display their allergy symptoms a little differently than us humans.  Many pets will scratch (or chew at) their bodies and face, lick their paws, and some even develop “hot spots” from over scratching/chewing.  Keep an eye out for these symptoms this fall.

Here at Sandstone Animal Hospital, we want your pet to have a fun and healthy autumn!  If you have any questions or need to set up an appointment for your cat or dog, give us a call at 440-234-6336.  We will do everything we can to set up the best, personalized treatment plan for you and your pet!