Senior Pets Who Are Pure Gold

Unbelievably sweet and wise, these senior cats and dogs are melting hearts across the Internet!

1) Literally golden, this retriever is still full of happiness and life!


2)  Poppy celebrated her 24th birthday with cake and snuggles.  Sounds like the perfect party to us!


3)  Age means nothing.  Senior pets are just as majestic and ready for adventure!


4) Meet Nutmeg! Officially thought to be the oldest cat currently alive here in 2016, his owners say the key to feline longevity is spoiling them rotten!


5) Finally, we MUST give a shout out to the beloved Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.  This is just one of their endless adorable photos of the senior pets they care for!

Do you have any senior pets at home?  What do you do to make sure their golden years are extra special?  Let us know in the comments below!