Chocolatey Dangers To Your Pet

It’s the day after Valentine’s, informally known as “Discount Chocolate Day.”  Whether you paid a high price for your chocolate or got an amazing deal, know how much chocolate is toxic to your dog!

We consulted with our very own Dr. Michelle Lindsey to find …


The Benefits of Grooming

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, many pet owners are off to the groomers to prep them for the big holiday.  After all, our pets are symbols of unconditional love; what better way to celebrate them than with a pampering grooming session?  Here are …


5 Pets Who Love Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here and these pets are dressed well enough to be in the Thanksgiving Day Parade!

1) This cat is keeping his eyes on the prize!


2) These pups hope to remind you that Thanksgiving is about sharing (specifically, food).