Indoor Cat Health Concerns

While keeping your cat indoors may provide a safer lifestyle with a significant reduction of infectious diseases and injuries, it doesn’t mean your kitty will never get sick.  Here are just a few diseases don’t stop at your front door.

Diabetes and obesity: If your cat …


Pet Dental Care Facts

In case you were unaware, February is National Pet Dental Health Month and your pet’s dental health is very commonly overlooked.  Here’s some information about how important dental health is for your cat and/or dog!

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, up to


Pets Who Love To Smile

Smiles, like laughter, are most definitely contagious.  These pets want to spread joy by sharing their smiles with you!

So handsome indeed!


What a good boy!


We hope these videos have got you smiling today!  In fact, we’re sure you smiled! …