dog flu

How You Can Prevent The Dog Flu

Since the Canine Flu is a new disease (the first case being reported only in 2003!), most dogs have little to no natural immunity to this extremely contagious virus.  We’re encouraging everyone to vaccinate their pups against the dog flu this year.

In order to …


Get The Scoop On The Dog Flu

How much do you know about the newest strain of canine virus?  Canine Influenza was discovered relatively recently, so many dogs are highly susceptible and haven’t developed immunity yet.  National Geographic put together this great video that tells you everything you need to know about …


Dogs Who Hate The Canine Flu

There’s no cruddier feeling than the flu, no matter what species you are!  These pups want you to be aware of the Canine Flu and see how they’re trying to recover from this severe virus.


1) Lots of bed rest is key to recovery from …


Signs Your Dog Has The Canine Flu

It’s flu season—for both humans and canines across the country. Be on the lookout for these symptoms in your canine companion!

Milder symptoms include:

Persistent Cough Sneezing Nasal Discharge Eye discharge Fever (Above 104°F)

Severe cases of canine flu can cause your dog …