How To Prep Your Pet For Thanksgiving

While the “giving” spirit may have you passing some of that turkey to your cat or dog, we assure you that it’s a bad idea. Here are some things that you can do to prevent these common dangers for pets that come with Thanksgiving dinner.


If Pets Could Text…

We’d all love to know what’s on our pets’ minds.  These hilarious memes have appeared, showing us what it would be like if our pets could text us!


1) Well.  At least now you know.


2) I mean, 10 minutes is over an …


7 Pets With Stylish Sunglasses

Summer is drawing to a close, but these cool cats and happy dogs are enjoying every minute til the end! They’re also being responsible and protecting their eye health with fashionable shades.  Read their tips on how to wear your sunnies in style!


1) …