Perks Of A Well-Groomed Dog

Even if our dogs aren’t the biggest fans of baths or haircut, it’s important for us to keep up with their hygiene habits.  Here’s a list of just a few benefits that regular grooming provides!

Regular nail trimming keeps dogs’ nails from overgrowing.  Overgrown nails can …


Dog Nail Trim Tutorial

Plenty of dogs are highly resistant of the dreaded nail trim!  If you want to try to do your dog’s nails at home, here’s a video with some tips!

Not sure your pup can handle a nail trim at home?  Take her to the …


Trend Alert: Competitive Grooming!

While everyone appreciates a good dog groomer, competitive dog grooming is the latest trend! Follow Patricia Sugihara of Los Angeles through all the hard work that goes into a dog grooming session!

While Patricia may not have won this competition, we’re sure that she …