Tips for Happy Indoor Cats

While some cats are happy with snuggle time and movie marathons with you on the couch, other cats are far more adventurous and want to explore the outside world. As we discussed in yesterday’s article, our feline friends are much safer in our homes than in the great outdoors. Today, we’ll be discussing some ways to keep your adventurous and playful cat happy with the indoor-life.

1) Daily playtime: It’s as simple as that. Many cats get bored in their homes which drives them outside for new mental challenges. Designated daily playtime keeps them stimulated and happy right at home while also giving you both quality bonding time. You can use fancy toys from the pet store or even paper bags and cardboard boxes. Be sure to switch out toys occasionally to keep it fun and interesting for your kitty.

2) Set up a cat tree or a cat walkway: You can either make these yourself or purchase them from a wide variety of pet stores. Cat trees are not simply fun or decoration for your cat; cats climb up trees out in the wild for comfort and safety so your cat feels the need to do the same. Cat walkways are attached to walls in your home and allow your cat to walk through the room from a height. This provides a similar comforting effect to the cat tree. Both of these options also keep your cat in tip top shape as they encourage exercise in the home.

3) Going on walks: If your cat is just dying to get outside, you can try using a harness and leash to take your kitty out for a walk. Be sure that your cat is fully vaccinated and is on parasite prevention (like Revolution) before taking walks. Starting your cat young is ideal in getting them used to the harness and leash, but gradually introducing your adult cat to the harness and leash can also teach your cat that walks can be fun!

4) Window perches: Setting up a perch (either one you’ve made or one you’ve purchased) that allows your cat to get a better view out the window can keep your cat entertained for hours. Looking out the window at birds, squirrels, and other critters is like kitty TV!

5) Building a catio: If you’ve never heard of a catio, it’s a cat patio! An enclosed patio for your cat allows them the joy of nature without its dangers. This patio can extend outside of a window or be its own entity. For more information on catio qualifications, check out this article.

Have you tried any of these methods to keep your indoor cat entertained? Let us know in the comments below how they worked for you!