Why All Cats Should See The Vet

We’ve heard many concerned cat owners ask the question: “Why does my cat need the vet if he/she doesn’t go outside?” While keeping your cat indoors may reduce the chances of exposure to a wide variety of feline diseases as well as injuries, there are still plenty of ways for your cat to become unwell. Here are 5 things to remember why you should get your cat in for their annual exam!

1) Cats are stoic creatures: Your cat may be in severe pain or discomfort and you’d never know it.  Regular veterinary trips can help make early diagnoses for many potentially fatal diseases.

2) Your cat still needs vaccines and protection from parasites: Pathogens don’t just stop at your front door.  Some can be carried in on your shoes while others can hitch a ride on other animals that enter your home.  In addition to this, your cat could get outside one day.  Even if it’s only for a few moments, it’s better to protect them from fatal diseases rather than attempt to treat them later.  Many counties require a Rabies vaccine for your cat, regardless of his lifestyle (and the fines for these can be hefty).  Finally, vaccines can also help to keep dormant diseases like the feline herpes virus in check!  Parasite prevention is also key since things like flea eggs and intestinal parasite eggs can sneak in on your clothing or on another animal.

3) There is no treatment for heartworm in cats: No matter, it always seems that a mosquito or two will sneak into your home through an open door during the summer months.  A single mosquito can transfer the heartworm parasite into your feline companion.  Many cases are fatal, while other cases lead to permanent respiratory and heart problems.  A trip to the vet can provide year-round heartworm prevention.  Heartworm prevention is by prescription only, so you’re best off purchasing it directly from your veterinarian.

4) Having routine physical exams provide a good baseline for when your cat is ill: Having your veterinarian establish what is normal for your specific pet (things like heart rhythym and blood work results) while they are healthy can help diagnose any illnesses even faster in the future!

5) If you’ve rescued a cat or taken in a stray, they may have a condition you’re not even aware of: Diseases like feline leukemia and FIV can lie dormant for years before your cat becomes symptomatic.  Knowing in advance is ideal so you and your veterinarian can work out future management plans is the best way to give your cat the best life they can have, despite carrying these diseases.

While we do believe that inside your home is the best and safest place for your cat, not even the best pet parent can prevent all chances of exposure to parasites and diseases.  Here at Sandstone Animal Hospital, pet health is our number one priority.  We carry vaccinations against feline leukemia, rabies, as well as the FVRCP vaccine (which protects against upper respiratory viruses and feline distemper).  We also recommend using Revolution, a topical product, to prevent and treat fleas, ear mites, intestinal parasites, and the fatal heartworm disease.

We want to encourage all of our cat parents out there to get their kitties examined and treated, so for the entire month of August, we’re offering a free roundworm deworming with all feline examinations AND $10 off of all feline leukemia and FIV combo tests.  Come celebrate Take Your Cat To The Vet Day with us throughout the whole month!  To take advantage of these deals and keep your cat’s health in tip top shape, give us a call at 440-234-6336 and set up your appointment.