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Canine Kissing Booths!

Who needs a date on Valentine’s Day when you can get some puppy loving?  Check out this ADORABLE dog kissing booth that raised money for Helping Paws animal rescue!

Do you need a dog kissing booth ASAP? Let us know in the comments!


Adoption: Recycle A Life

Though we’ve been taking this whole week to devote some time to “going green” for Earth Day, we wanted to make a separate article to address the growing issue of homeless pets in America.

According to the ASPCA, about 7.6 million pets enter shelters annually. …


New Kitten? No Problem.

Getting a new kitten is absolutely exciting, but can also be stressful as you try to introduce your new feline friend into your home. Here’s a simple checklist to help you get ready for the new kitten in your life!

1) “Kitten Proof” Room: Before …