Wildlife: Meant To Be Wild

If you’ve got a pet who is constantly on the lookout for wildlife, you may come across an injured wild animal or a baby that seems abandoned.  Though it may be tempting to bring the animal into your home to nurture it back to health, …


5 Pets Who Love Summer Flowers

We checked our calendars-it’s officially summer! These pets are celebrating with the outdoors and beautiful flowers!

1) Nothing is more pleasing to the most sensitive noses than flowers.

2) Flowers can also be used as camouflage for such tiny kittens.


5 Summer Dangers for Your Pet

Summer fun is all around us, but there’s some dangerous aspects to it as well-especially for our pets! These are 5 conditions that are often overlooked by pet owners so we’re calling them out into the spotlight!

1) Burned Paw Pads: Both cats’ and dogs’ …