Halloween Troubles For Cats

As unbearable as it may be to hear, many shelters across the country firmly believe that cats, especially black cats, are either neglected or abused around Halloween. Many will postpone any feline adoptions until after October 31st in hopes of preventing this. But what has …


The “History” Of Black Cats

We hope everyone knows that the superstitions against black cats are completely fictitious, but sometimes it helps to know where the mythology comes from!

Middle Ages (The 14th Century):

We’re unsure as to how, but black cats quickly became associated demons and the devil during …


6 Reasons to Love Black Cats

During the month of October, many people bring up the superstitions around our darker colored feline friends. We want to take the time to remind everyone how wonderful and beautiful black cats are, regardless of breed, age, or lifestyle. ¬†Check out these 6 reasons to …