Why All Cats Should See The Vet

We’ve heard many concerned cat owners ask the question: “Why does my cat need the vet if he/she doesn’t go outside?” While keeping your cat indoors may reduce the chances of exposure to a wide variety of feline diseases as well as injuries, there are …


These Pets LOVE Santa!

Let these adorable cats and dogs get you in the holiday spirit with their photos with St. Nick!

1) Who knew Santa had feline reindeer??


2) “I saw Bailey kissing Santa Claus ♫♪♫”


3) Santa must have designated “chill out” time …


New Holiday Pet? Ask Your Vet!

If you’ve committed to bringing home a new puppy or kitten this holiday season, remember that they will need to be checked out by a veterinarian! Be sure to choose your veterinarian wisely, as establishing a regular veterinarian is vital to keeping your pet happy …